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Engineer of Record Services

A trusted advisor in the area of bringing your project to life, Frameworks' experience shines within the design phase. An Owner, Developer, Architect, and Contractor can gain value in selecting Frameworks for this level of service as we always incorporate real world construction knowledge and techniques that offer innovation and cost effective solutions that supports a quality design and budget goals.  

Cold-formed Metal Specialty Services

When you are in need of details that require an engineer's touch, Frameworks is the perfect place to trust to handle your detailing design needs.  We offer shop drawings, details, field review, and coordination services as part of our field friendly CFS metal specialty serivce.

Load-bearing Construction Services

One of the best uses of modular and prefabricated construction, Frameworks has the experience to offer all levels of load-bearing construction design services.  Whether it’s mid-rise or low-rise, private or public, with an Owner, Architect, or Contractor, Frameworks can offer designs that economize and capitalize on the newest technology in wall and floor systems that complement the budget goals.

Canopies and Awnings
Specialty Services

As a trusted advisor to manufacturers, Frameworks Engineering offers all types of building cladding element structrual designs. If the system requires shop drawing design or you want to confirm that the system is appropriate for the application, Frameworks can help. We have extensive knowledge in canopy design using aluminum extrusions, awning design using both metal and fabric using aluminum extrusions and steel, and a host of other panel and framing components for the commercial market.

Storefronts and Enclosure Specialty Services

We offer structural design services for the commercial market for Original Equipment Manufacturers of storefronts, enclosures, pergolas, sunroom enclosures, and other free standing structures. If the system you are manufacturing or installing requires a shop drawing design or you want to confirm that the system is appropriate for the application, Frameworks can help. We counsel with our clients to provide design and calculations using aluminum extrusions within the manufacturers offerings for the commercial market.

R&D and Evaluation

Frameworks Engineering has extensive experience designing, implementing, and applying unique and proprietary products, processes, and systems to designs of various applications in the commercial component market.  We have worked with some of the top aluminum extrusion, steel, and structural insulated panel manufacturers domestically and internationally. If your plant, product, system or process needs improvement, Frameworks Engineering can help.



We listen.  We learn.  We apply. 


We are part of your team. We succeed together.


Frameworks Engineering is not the typical engineering company. We are collaborative with our clients and within our organization.  We build value for our clients on every project by maintaining the highest standards on every detail of the design. Frameworks applies exceptional customer service to keep the project moving forward.


Based in Atlanta, Georgia with a national reach, we rely on our 45-years of combined experience to provide designs that utilize efficient materials and modern forms of  construction.  This innovative design approach provide results that translate in to cost and time savings during construction. 


No matter the scale of the project, the service needed, or the complexity, Frameworks is there for you to ensure the design makes the frame work in the field.


Year Established


Projects Completed


Million Square Feet


Awards Won


The Mark building 100
Pedestrian Bridge at The Mark
Liberty ALF
The Standard at Knoxville
Tampa Bus Shelter Frame
Carondelet Village



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